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Natural Cosmetics for the whole Family

29 Dec 2020 0 comments
Cosmética Natural para toda la Familia - Colagenomania | Colágeno Natural

If you are looking for products for the care of your whole family, there are several elements that are worth paying attention to.

Bet on Natural cosmetics, which can be used by the whole family. This way you won't have to ask yourself if you can apply the same cream that you use yourself to your young child's face. Here we present several products that are a great solution for both you and your children.

Special requirements

A child's skin differs in many ways from that of adults and therefore requires a different approach to its daily care. It has a greater tendency to dry out, and it also absorbs all substances to a greater extent. It is more prone to irritation. Do not worry! You don't have to buy countless preparations. All you need are a few but take comprehensive care of your child's skin. Choosing cosmetics for children, it is worth analyzing their composition.Substances to avoid in children's cosmetics are

  • silicones
  • preservatives
  • glycols
  • artificial colors and flavors
  • detergents
  • parabens
  • mineral oils

It's good to use proven cosmetics, preferably from a product line. And the introduction of new cosmetics requires observation of the child's skin for redness or rashes.

In daily care, you will need a basic set of products, that is, a cleansing gel, body lotion and facial preparation. A very important issue is the hydration of the skin of the face, which is exposed to climatic conditions: sun, cold or wind and environmental: smog, pollution.

Bet on the care of wax for skin, hair and nails - Colaceum. The product recipe includes real inflorescences and macerates of herbs, plant extracts and oily essences. 100% natural, completely safe!

Collagen cleansing gel for the whole family

For washing, use only mild cleaning agents to replace bath soap and shampoo. A delicate formula that does not dry out the skin and cares for the hair, with a natural composition. Collagen Cleansing Gel has everything your and your baby's skin needs. Aloe extract, extremely rich in active substances, hydrates and soothes the skin. Noni extract rebuilds the hydrolipid layer and protects against free radicals.

In the case of cosmetics for the little ones, don't pay attention to the price, focus on the most important thing: read the labels and choose the recommended products that will guarantee the safety of your child and you a peaceful sleep.

Collagen Cleansing Gel is a product for the whole family. It is free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, thanks to which the risk of skin reactions and allergies is minimal.

Herbaceum - ultra moisturizing body lotion

It is dedicated to the daily care of sensitive, dry and very dry skin. Contains up to 26 plant extracts. Thanks to its formula rich in aloe extract, horse chestnut extract and collagen, it relieves irritations and prevents dehydration of the skin. Shea butter and beeswax ensure adequate hydration every day. Rosehip with a high concentration of vitamin C calms and regenerates the skin. Herbaceum leaves the skin soft and elastic, and its rich texture also provides a feeling of total relief.

Herbaceum protects the skin against irritation, weather conditions and dryness.

Strengthens the lipid layer of the baby's skin, restores the proper level of hydration, relieves irritations and makes the skin more elastic.

For small and large trips

It must be lightweight and universal. It is better to leave room in the suitcase for travel memories than to take half the bathroom with you.

Collagen wipes will be of great help. Presented in a practical bag, they can be taken anywhere. They are perfect where there is no access to your cleaning cosmetics and no access to running water, and there is a need for a quick and effective refreshment, cleansing the skin or removing makeup residue.

Collagen Wipes contain extremely mild PHA, making them perfect for cleansing your child's delicate skin.

During a getaway to the woods or the sea, you should take a universal preparation with you to soothe irritation and insect bites. Bet on cosmetic for special tasks! Dr. Slon's Nano-Silver Spray. Absolutely gentle and safe to use as it contains only two ingredients! Water and silver combined in a suitable proportion.

COLWAY cosmetics are super gentle, which means they will take care of even the most sensitive skin - yours and your child's!

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