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What is a Facial Mist?

01 Oct 2021 0 comments
¿Qué es una Bruma Facial?

Que una bruma facial de colway

From beauty editors to your best friend, everyone is talking about face haze right now. If you haven't tried one, you are missing it!

What is a Facial Mist?

As it sounds, a face mist, also known as a face mist, is a skin care product that is sprayed onto the face. There are many different types, and for the most part, they provide an instant boost of hydration with ingredients like vitamins, extracts, and essential oils. Some have additional benefits for skin care, such as controlling excess oil, soothing stressed skin. And others, such ascolway facial mists,They also provide additional anti-aging benefits by including natural collagen and vitamin C in their composition.

What is face mist used for?

As we said, most face mist aims to provide instant hydration and is totally suitable for all skin types. So whether your face is drier than usual due to cold winter weather or you just naturally need more moisture, a few drops will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

While they are a natural choice for people with thirsty skin, the benefits of face mist go beyond hydration. For example, they're also great to wear when it's really hot and humid, or when you've just finished exercising. Why? Because they can help you refresh and leave your skin fresh.

Facial Mist vs Toners: What's the difference?

To start with, everything! Toners and face mists actually serve very different purposes: toners cleanse and prepare the skin for moisture, while face mists instantly hydrate and refresh. So if you are going to use both, be sure to use a toner first.

When should you use a face mist?

In addition to the moments mentioned above, face mist can and should be part of your daily routine. You know how people sometimes wet their faces with water to wake up? The same goes for face mists, but you won't have to reapply makeup afterward. In fact, it will help you refresh your makeup! So spray it on throughout the day whenever you need a little hydration.

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