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transdermal collagen

21 Aug 2021
Colágeno transdérmico

Upon transdermal application and skin absorption, COLWAY marine collagen coils break down and EMC is immediately enriched with the abundant supply of key amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, and other active ingredients that activate function in the fibroblast skin. and keratinocytes. Consequently, the procollagen formed in fibroblasts is synthesized in helices.

The triple helix structure of COLWAY Marine Collagen has a triple stimulating effect on the synthesis of collagen in the skin:

  • Wake up fibroblasts and stimulate protein production
  • Protects collagen from degradation and destruction
  • Helps maintain the quantity and quality of collagen

When COLWAY Marine Collagen is applied to the skin immediately after cleansing the face while the pores are open for maximum assimilation of collagen into the lower layers of the skin, it enriches the ECM of all layers of the skin with amino acids, which facilitates the activity of fibroblasts. At the same time, it increases the body's production of its own collagen.

Once applied to the skin, the collagenase enzyme breaks down the molecular structure of collagen. As a result, the denaturation temperature (temperature above or below the range in which cells tend to live that will cause proteins to unfold or "denature") for the triple helix structure decreases, allowing it to fall apart. at body temperature, and then enzymes such as elastase and gelatinase break down the untangled helix into lower molecular weight compounds (extracellular pathway). At the same time, another route is used, in which collagen enters cells such as macrophages (defense cells) and is broken down in those cells.

Because collagen from other sources and other processes melts at a much higher temperature, it often settles on the skin without melting or being absorbed. COLWAY marine collagen processing allows for a lower molecular weight and lower denaturation rate, allowing its molecular structure to easily melt into the skin and gradually absorb.

For the extracellular space (everything outside the cells, excluding the ECM), the ECM is a collagen "factory" of fibroblasts, chondrocytes and keratinocytes that release the amino acid chains of the polypeptide. It is here, with the help of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as an activator, the amino acid sequence is twisted into helices. The ECM is strengthened when it is infused with peptides that absorb and dissolve on their way through the high capacity layers of marine collagen coils, ultimately increasing the amount of collagen in the ECM.

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