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Lunacol | Lunasina Supplements

02 Oct 2021
Lunacol con Lunasina
Lunasina Suplemento

LunaCol It is the first widely available supplement in Europe to contain lunasin, a unique protein from nature. It brings a new advance and focus on supplementation, being the first known epigenetic food. Proteins that change the "genetic destiny".

To explain what epigenetic food is, it is worth using a real example from the life of bee communities. It is well known that each of the individuals living in a swarm plays a specific role in it: queen - mother, worker or drone. It is interesting that the larvae of bees at the beginning of development are always the same and do not have the characteristic features assigned to a given function in the hive. So what determines your destiny? What determines a specific role in the community? What affects whether the bee will be a living robot for several weeks or a fertile queen that will live up to five years? Well, this is not recorded in the bee genome, but it is decided by the food that the larvae consume during the development phase. These unique ingredients contained in royal jelly are a protein-rich food intended for queens, they make the larva that feed them turn into a mother. In contrast, pollen-fed larvae transform into ordinary workers. This phenomenon shows that food selection itself radically changes the biological fate of bees, and royal jelly is an extremely valuable epigenetic food.

Epigenetic food: it is a protein that can improve the "biological destiny" of the person who eats it. Wanting to understand what epigenetics is, we can imagine that we were genetically "written" a bit with a pen and a small pencil ... Writing with a pen, it is a GENOM, we will not change it. The pencil is EPIGENOM, and we can change it! We cannot change our DNA because we are not bees, but it turns out that we can completely "turn off" unhealthy genes and "turn on" healthy genes.

The epigenetics of lunasin is manifested in that, although it is not capable of changing our DNA code, it is systematically provided to the body and positively affects how our DNA is expressed. Good changes occur in the system thanks to the nutrition of epigenetic foods. Results are seen in a relatively short time, take place at the cellular level, and are inherited. This fact means that lunasin is not only supplemented by health-conscious people, but also by couples planning to have a child.


Lunasin is the first epigenetic food described, affecting human epigenes.

It is the first nutrient, meticulously researched scientifically, with it we can realistically and measurably affect the state of our body, and even transfer, obtained by ingesting lunasin, health benefits for their descendants!

We are what we eat - said Hippocrates.

We are what we absorb, we are talking today, being aware of the complexity of metabolic processes.

If mankind ever learned the substance perfectly defined by these two phrases, it is only lunasin, which really improves the condition of the body. This is due to its excellent bioavailability, since being embedded in the protein complex (albumin 2), it is not digested in the stomach. It passes through the intestines, into the blood, and then into the cells.

Not surprisingly, among the many molecules found on earth, the first epigenetic food described turned out to be a protein that was, after all, the core of evolution. It is in the protein that is part of every cell in our body that the only known life in the Universe is based. Currently, lunasin in the form of a bioactive peptide that actually affects positive gene expression is obtained only from soybeans, in which the protein is present in microscopic amounts.

Lunasin, discovered just at the end of the 20th century, was for many years (especially in Europe) such an expensive and hardly available substance that it was lacking even for laboratories conducting research on the use of the properties of this peptide in medicine. This was due, on the one hand, to ignorance of the technology that isolated it and, on the other hand, to the extension of patent claims by American scientists to the methods of obtaining it.

For several years, lunasin has not been a secret-shrouded substance or marketing product, like many proteins in the past, marketed commercially as a panacea for everything. Thousands of studies have already been written on this peptide, which is very unique in terms of its amino acid sequencing, including many serious scientific articles documenting the results of medical research on lunasin as a drug for cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's and Parkinson. Many publications describe experiments aimed at finding clinical confirmation of cases of complete recovery in people with serious illnesses that cannot be undone, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). *

In the world medical literature, hundreds of articles have been written on inhibiting cancer cell growth and preventing cancer metastasis by LUNASIN.

Looking through the prism of world-class research on lunasin, it is necessary to mention its comprehensive properties, now documented, such as: effectively counteracting oxidative stress or leveling inflammation. Lunasin has also been clinically shown to lower cholesterol, including LDL. Its effective therapeutic function was patented by American researchers from the University of California at Berkeley: Alfredo Gálvez and Benito de Lumen. Perhaps that is why they gave lunasin such a beautiful "name", derived from the Philippine word "lunas", which means "to heal."

Healthy people are fascinated with lunasin mainly due to the fact that those who systematically supplement it, use the possibilities of epigenomics and are much less likely to get sick. It is in the epigenome that our correct lifestyle choices trigger good gene expression - that is, healthy genes are turned on and unhealthy genes are turned off, which could only recently be the subject of sci-fi scenarios.

Also in people who live epigenetically correctly, the systematic consumption of lunasin multiplies the health benefits of physical activity, optimal nutrition and supplementation.

Lunasin occurs naturally in the form of a protein complex (albumin, 2s) together with a signal peptide, which in biochemical practice means that even a small amount does not preclude a positive reaction at the receptors of our cells.

So far, in American dietary supplements, the only lunasin products available to consumers around the world, typically contain no more than the declared 600 ng of pure lunasin in one capsule. The nanogram is one billionth (10 -9 ) gram.

Attention! In a LunaCol capsule there are up to 5 milligrams of 10% biologically active lunasin, which provides 0.5 milligrams of this protein in pure form. It is 833 times (!) More than in the capsule of lunasin products available in the US market.

How is this possible?

COLWAY has the exclusive right to use biologically active lunasin, obtained by the native Polish method, in supplements. Polish lunasin is completely different from American ones, and at the same time, a more efficient way to isolate this unique protein was developed by Filip Porzucek, a graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań and a student of Dr. Jan Czarnecki. (creator of the thymic preparation TFX).

LunaColit is a pioneer product. Preparations like this are setting world trends in supplementation.

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