Tellmegen Test: Murcia, Alicante y Valencia
Tellmegen Test: Murcia, Alicante y Valencia

Pharmacological Compatibility

Pharmacogenetics is the starting point for personalizing medicine based on your health map. Our DNA reveals that we are all different, so our bodies process drugs in different ways.

You will understand why your body reacts in a certain way to various medications when you have your health map. It will serve as a valuable guide to allow your doctor to prescribe the best drug treatment with the most appropriate dose for each of your diseases. It will reduce your recovery time and increase safety by minimizing the possibility of adverse or unwanted side effects.


With the tellmeGen DNA test you will learn in detail a large number of aspects about yourself that you previously did not know.


Steps to perform the Tellmegen DNA test

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We will send the kit to your home, office or any other place you indicate, in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Kit Registration

The next step is to access the platform and register the tellmeGen™ kit with your personal data. Registration is as easy as creating a user account and following the steps to enter the serial number found on the sample reservoir tube.

Depositar Saliva

After registering the kit, it is time to provide the saliva sample. It is very important to complete this step correctly as directed on the kit.

Shipping to the Laboratory

Una vez que el kit esté registrado y hecho el depósito de saliva, es el momento de enviar el kit con la muestra en su interior. Para facilitar esta tarea está incluida una bolsa (que encontrarás debajo de la bandeja de tu kit) con todos los datos de envío impresos sobre la misma. De este modo, lo único que hay que hacer es introducir el kit en la bolsa y hacer el envío.

Receive the Results

From the time the kit is shipped, the average turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Once the results are available, you receive the information that you can access them on the tellmeGen™ platform.