meliquet® para el cuidado y limpieza del ombligo de los recién nacidos
meliquet® para el cuidado y limpieza del ombligo de los recién nacidos

meliquet® for the care and cleaning of the navel of newborns

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  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: meliquet® is much more than just a navel care product. With the powerful combination of chlorhexidine digluconate, copper sulfate and ethanol, it guarantees a deep and uniform cleaning. Its astringent properties help prevent the accumulation of impurities, improving the health and appearance of the skin from within.
  • FAST DRY: Unlike commercially available aqueous chlorhexidine solutions, meliquet® does not moisten the area, but rather dries it. Its volatile hydroalcoholic base prevents excessive humidity in the umbilical cord area, keeping the skin fresh and comfortable.
  • FACILITATES THE FALL OF THE CORD: The intelligent design of meliquet® makes it easy to drop the umbilical cord. By not generating humidity, it helps the natural and safe formation of the navel. An innovative product that eases the crucial transition in newborn care.
  • CALM AND RENEW: With three active plant ingredients (calendula, chamomile and centella asiatica), meliquet® provides immediate relief and promotes cell renewal. It acts synergistically, calming the skin while accelerating its regeneration and renewal, for a pleasant and soft sensation.
  • REPAIRS AND REGENERATES: The unique combination of triterpene derivatives of gotu kola and chamomile flavonoids repair and regenerate the skin. Calendula phytosterols provide emollient and repairing properties, favoring skin regeneration and keeping it in optimal condition. Trust meliquet® for superior belly button care.
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Format: Spray
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Discover meliquet®, the definitive solution for the care and cleaning of the navel. Designed especially for newborns, this revolutionary product is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients to repair and regenerate the skin from within.

What makes meliquet® different? Our exclusive formula combines astringent action for deep cleansing with the ability to soothe and promote skin cell regeneration. OmbligoNourish's key ingredients include powerful Centella Asiatica and gentle Calendula, known for their cell-renewing and regenerating properties. Plus, soothing Chamomile and effective Copper Sulfate work synergistically to provide a complete navel pampering experience.

Give your baby the care it deserves with OmbligoNourish! Our unique and safe formula ensures that your belly button is always clean, protected and radiant. Take care of your skin from the start and lay a healthy foundation for its growth.

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  • ASIATIC SPARK: Centella Asiatica is a medicinal plant known for its healing and regenerative properties. Helps in wound healing and skin repair. This plant contains madecassoside, which accelerates cell renewal and increases collagen production, benefiting the skin of the newborn's navel, especially during the healing process of the umbilical cord.
  • THE CALENDULA: It is a flower with great regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. Its extracts help regenerate the skin and speed up the wound healing process. In addition, it has a calming effect and can help reduce inflammation and redness of the skin in the belly button area.
  • CHAMOMILE: It is widely recognized for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help soothe any irritation or redness that may occur on the skin of the newborn's belly button. It also has antiseptic properties, which can prevent infection and promote skin healing.
  • COPPER SULPHATE: It is known for its astringent properties. This means that it can help to tighten and restrict the skin, which can be beneficial in protecting the belly button area of newborns and promoting healing.
  • When should you start using Meliquet® in the newborn's navel? You can start using Meliquet® in the navel of the newborn from the baby's first bath, following the recommendations of the doctor or health personnel.
  • How is Meliquet® applied? Meliquet® is a spray solution that is applied on a gauze and the gauze directly on the navel area for approximately one minute, following the instructions on the package and the doctor's recommendations. Continue applying until the cord has come off the baby.
  • How many times a day should Meliquet® be applied? The frequency of application can vary according to the individual needs of the baby and the indications of the doctor. A normal rule is to apply after each bath of the baby, with a maximum of two times a day. It is important to follow medical recommendations to obtain the best results.
  • Can Meliquet® cause any allergic reaction or side effects? Meliquet® has been designed to be a safe and gentle product on the skin of newborns. However, in case of observing any allergic reaction or side effect, it is recommended to discontinue its use and consult a doctor.
  • 3. 4%. TRANSEPIDERMAL WATER LOSS (TRANSEPIDERMAL WATER LOSS: Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is the most widely used objective measure to assess skin barrier function. In other words, meliquet prevents 34% transcutaneous water loss in the navel area.
  • 95% Babies: Navel skin more restored. and protected, as well as calm"
  • 91% Babies: Regenerates and repairs the skin of the navel area.
  • 91% Babies:An improvement in the state of the skin of the navel with the absence of imperfections and improves its appearance.


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Producto Imprescindible

Me encanta cómo Meliquet® limpia y calma la piel del ombligo de mi bebé. ¡Es un producto imprescindible para asegurarme de una cicatrización adecuada y prevenir infecciones en mi. bebe

meliquet® for the care and cleaning of the navel of newborns

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