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The Force of Silver Ions ūüĒó | Deanshield masks

La fuerza de los Iones de Plata ūüĒó | Mascarillas Deanshield

Deanshield Masks have 3 layers, in their outermost layer, in contact with the environment, Silver Ions have been included.

When the Deanshield Mask is used, the wearer's body fluids are trapped in the mask and produce a moist environment that activates the mask's antimicrobial properties. Moisture is essential to allow Silver Ions to release from the pure silver embedded in the mask fabric and to attack microbes.

In the event that the person using it is infected, the pathogenic viruses cannot remain infectious because they are neutralized by silver ions. The mask then represents a barrier that helps reduce transmission.

In case the person is not infected, the Deanshield Mask blocks contaminated fluids from infected people in their immediate environment. Contaminated fluids that come into contact with the mask activate silver ions that neutralize biological contaminants thereby reducing the risk of transmission.

In addition, the parts of the face on which the mask rests are exposed to silver ions, which reduces the risk of spread by contact with the hands.

All viruses can only reproduce in living cells. Viruses need to integrate into the genome of their host cells and use a special enzyme called reverse transcriptase that they have in their capsids. Silver ions prevent retroviral viruses from remaining infectious by attacking, among other things, their envelopes and enzymes, including reverse transcriptase. They are then neutralized.

When worn, the Deanshield Mask continuously releases silver ions to form an active barrier that neutralizes pathogens in contact with the tissue from which it is made. Ag + ions are continuously released neutralizing pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, and fungal agents). This property represents a unique characteristic that distinguishes the Deanshield Mask. It is one of the only masks on the market with Silver Ion technology.

Physical Barrier

The mask creates a physical barrier between the user's mouth and nose, protecting against biological pathogens in the immediate environment.

Chemical Barrier

The silver ions in the Deanshield Mask fabric work to effectively neutralize germs in contact with the silver ion.

Amplified Protection

The activity of silver ions is continuous. Moisture from the wearer's breath further enhances the silver ion activity and antimicrobial properties of the mask.


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