Affiliate Program | General conditions

These are the general conditions that regulate the affiliate program of the store. By joining our affiliate program, you agree that these are the contractual conditions that we must both respect in our relationship from that moment on; us as a provider and you as an affiliate.

These conditions will be valid indefinitely and will be applicable to all registrations in the affiliate program. The store reserves the right to modify these conditions without this affecting affiliation registrations or affiliate activity prior to any of these modifications.


The parties linked through this contract are, on the one hand, The store, owned by the Brand Business company, hereinafter, The store.

On the other hand, the affiliate, a natural person over 18 years of age or a legally constituted legal person, who meets the requirements and wishes to affiliate with La tienda, in accordance with the provisions of these affiliation conditions. Hereinafter, the affiliate.


The affiliate program of the store is aimed at generating web traffic and promoting and selling our products by third parties. These third parties acquire the status of affiliates when they register for the program through the site.


In the context of these contractual conditions, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • Affiliate: natural or legal persons who request registration and are accepted as members of the affiliate program of the store.
  • Affiliate network: network made up of all members of the affiliate program of the store.
  • Affiliate program: is the set of products offered by the store
  • Reference link: it is a link that uniquely identifies the support for the correct measurement of the visits and contracts referenced by it.
  • Click: is the action of clicking on a link.
  • Session: is the time that elapses since a user enters the website of the store through an affiliate link. The session ends when the user returns to the website of the store through another link or when the expiration period of the qualified link from the affiliate's website expires, after 30 calendar days.
  • Contract: it is the agreement between the store and the affiliate, defined in these contractual conditions.


The application to join the affiliate program is free and does not require any type of financial investment by the affiliate.

In the event that for any reason the affiliate needs to make an investment to be able to develop his activity in the context of this program, this investment will be his sole responsibility. That is, if you need, for example, to make an investment to improve the website or to use marketing tools, this investment will be solely your responsibility.


Any person, company or organization that meets the following requirements can apply to join the program and acquire affiliate status:

  • The applicant must be a natural person over 18 years of age or a legally constituted legal person (through the natural person who has the legal capacity to represent it), with full capacity to contract.
  • The applicant must be the owner of a website and / or an appropriate activity on social media to promote the products of the store. Websites or activities related to pornography, online games, and any website that violates in any way current legislation are expressly excluded.
  • The applicant must be the owner or have rights to the media that will be used to develop its activity as an affiliate, or be expressly authorized by the owners of the site or websites for this purpose.
  • The applicant must have read, understand and assume all the rights and obligations defined in these conditions.


In order to complete the registration as an affiliate, it will be essential to create a customer account that allows the applicant access to the customer area of ​​the store. The creation of this account is free

It is an essential requirement that the applicant has a PayPal payment service account to be able to receive the payments corresponding to the commissions derived from their activity as an affiliate. The store will make payments exclusively through PayPal and will not be responsible or make payment through other channels if an affiliate cannot receive a payment for not having a PayPal account. The affiliate will always have the option of paying his commissions as a credit in his customer account of La tienda and use that balance in the payment of invoices issued for contracting the products of La tienda

The applicant must provide all the information requested in the customer account creation form, ensure that all this information is true and keep it correctly updated at all times.

Once the customer account has been created, the applicant will be able to complete the registration as an affiliate from the 'Affiliates' section of the customer area. You will have to click on the top menu 'Affiliates', select the option 'Reports' and click on the button that indicates 'Yes, I accept the contract and activate my affiliate account'.

By pressing this button, the applicant declares that he has read, understands and accepts the conditions of the affiliate program, as well as the provisions of the general contracting conditions that may affect him as an affiliate, the terms of use and the policy of privacy exposed in the store

After clicking on the button, the registration will be completed and in the 'Reports' section the unique url that the affiliate will be able to use in their activity to promote the products of the store will be displayed.

Acceptance or denial of the registration request

Acceptance of the registration request is completed automatically by clicking on the button 'Yes, I accept the contract and activate my affiliate account' described above. However, the store reserves the right to deny or cancel enrollment in the program to any applicant or affiliate who does not meet the necessary requirements described in the program conditions. It also reserves the right to deny or cancel registration in cases where it considers that the applicant's profile, behavior or supports are inappropriate for being part of the affiliate program.

None of the provisions described in these contractual conditions will give rise, nor will it be interpreted that it has given rise, to the constitution of a company or an employment relationship between the parties to the contract, which are the store and the affiliate.


Within the customer area of the store, the affiliate will have access to a section exclusively dedicated to the affiliate program. In this section, the affiliate will be able to track their activity and will find the unique url and creatives that they can use for promoting products within the affiliate program.



In the event that the products of the store are contracted through a referral link or a discount code, The store will reward the affiliate with a commission for the amount of the price paid for the client. The commissions are available and updated at all times in the Affiliate Portal.

In cases where the application of taxes corresponds, VAT will be added to this amount of commission generated and the personal income tax that applies in each case will be subtracted.

For the purposes of calculating commissions, the purchase price is understood to be the amount paid by the customer, not including applicable taxes (such as VAT) and transportation. If a discount or special promotion is applied to this price, the commission will be calculated on the reduced price due to that discount or promotion.

The store reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the affiliate's condition and activity in the event of fiscal incidents, in which it receives official notification from the organizations involved of the affiliate's failure to comply with its obligations in this area.

Commission allocation

The affiliate will have the right to be assigned the indicated commissions provided that each and every one of the following conditions converge:

  • The customer must have purchased a product from the store having accessed the website of the store through the affiliate's unique referral link or used the discount code at the time of payment.
  • When a user accesses the website of the store using the user referral link, a tracking cookie will be installed on their computer, persistent for a period of 30 days.
  • The store must have verified the payment by the user referred by the affiliate, as well as the permanence as an active client for a period of at least 15 days. This period is the guarantee time available to all new clients to test the product and, where appropriate, withdraw from the contract and request a refund of the amount paid for the product.
  • In cases where the authorization for the issuance of self-invoices has been revoked by La tienda, the affiliate must issue and send the corresponding invoice prior to payment.


In compliance with the provisions of article 5 of Royal Decree 1619/2012, of November 30 (regulation that regulates billing obligations), the obligation to issue an invoice of article 164, One, 3 of Law 37 / 1992 of December 28 of the value added tax, can be fulfilled by the recipients of the operations or by third parties.

Based on this regulation, the affiliate hereby authorizes the store to issue invoices for the products provided by the affiliate.

If the affiliate is obliged to apply an income tax withholding due to his personal conditions, he must update the corresponding percentage in his profile. In the event that the affiliate is obliged to apply income tax withholding on his self-invoices and does not have the correct data in his client file, we will not be able to settle the commissions generated until that data is corrected on his part.

In the case of being subject to VAT, the invoice will add to the total to be charged the percentage of tax that corresponds according to current tax legislation.

The store will provide a copy of each invoice issued to the affiliate. Each of the invoices issued through this system must be examined by the member. If the affiliate does not communicate anything to the store regarding an invoice within a period of ten calendar days from its date of issue, it will be considered that they accept that invoice as correct.

Commission settlement

When the Affiliate formalizes the request to collect commissions from the affiliate area area enabled for this purpose, at that time the payment obligation arises and the debt is due.

Payment Methods

Once all the requirements for the allocation of commissions have been met and as long as a minimum accumulated amount of € 30 has been reached, the affiliate can choose the following forms of payment:

  • Compensation: the affiliate who in turn is a customer of the store, can compensate the commissions generated by affiliation with the payment obligations he has due to the products contracted with the store. That is, you can settle the amount generated as a credit in your customer account, and you can use that balance to pay the invoices for contracting or renewing products from the store that are issued in your customer file. In no case will it be possible to transfer credit balances between different customer accounts.
  • Payment by PayPal: the affiliate who does not want to use the compensation method, can request that the payment be generated in the PayPal account he has designated. The affiliate who wishes to use this form of payment must indicate his PayPal account in his profile. Payments by PayPal will be made on the Friday following the date on which the commission settlement has been requested, without the affiliate being able to require that the payment date be anticipated under any circumstances.


The terms and conditions of this contract will take effect from the registration of the affiliate and the obtaining of their referral link or discount code. Any of the parties may terminate this contract with a notice of 5 days, and the affiliate must, once the contract is finished, withdraw from his / her support / s any link or link of La tienda The store, for its part, must regularize all pending payments, thus terminating any contractual obligation, without having anything else to claim by reason of the contract.


The store reserves the right to revoke the affiliate status of any member of the affiliate program, if any of the following reasons concur:

  • Breach of any of the conditions stipulated in this contract.
  • Unauthorized manipulation of the website of La tienda
  • Use of the identifying elements of the store in affiliate advertising shipments via the Internet such as newsletters, e-mail, or other advertising means such as postal mail, advertisements, brochures, letters, among others.
  • Use of the brand store by the affiliate in order to pretend a commercial association beyond the mere agreement that is signed in the present document
  • Use by the affiliate of unauthorized advertising delivery techniques massive (spam). In these cases, the responsibility derived from the breach of Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Products of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, corresponds exclusively to the affiliate, the store not authorizing any type of communication commercial by electronic means.
  • The conclusion of operations or transactions by illegal or fraudulent means.
  • Carrying out paid search engine campaigns (SEM), such as Google Adwords, or in other Social Ads platforms or social networks, to promote landing pages with affiliate links using the brand La tienda
  • Any other conduct for which the affiliate creates the false belief in the users that they have a commercial relationship different from that regulated in these conditions and that it is limited exclusively to a mere provision of affiliate products for the store.
  • The use of the URL or qualified link for the contracting of products by the Affiliate, or for the creation of client accounts with the same personal data to receive auto-commissions or using for this the personal data of blood relatives or by affinity until the second degree inclusive.
  • Failure to comply with the conditions and time periods established by the store explicitly for the promotion of certain products or special promotions.
  • Any other conduct for which the affiliate creates the false belief in users that they offer a different service or contracting conditions than those offered by the store at that time.


The affiliate undertakes to comply with this contract and all of the clauses described in it, from the moment their registration in the affiliate program is confirmed. It will be the responsibility of the affiliate to update its web page, its contents and the information displayed in the supports that it uses in the development of its activity as an affiliate.

The store will not be responsible for the breach of the affiliate's legal obligations with respect to its website or the supports that it uses in the development of its activity as an affiliate.

The affiliate agrees to keep its website operational for the duration of this contract, as well as the email address with which it will maintain communication with the store.

The affiliate undertakes not to modify the links and codes made available by La tienda for the development of the service.

The affiliate is obliged to keep his personal data updated at all times. The store will not be responsible for any incident that may arise from the lack of updating of personal data, data related to billing and / or contact information by the affiliate.


The store undertakes to notify any substantial modification to the contract in good time. The affiliates who show their disagreement with these modifications have exclusively the right to request the liquidation and resolution of this contract, without any other type of claim.

If the affiliate does not communicate anything to the store regarding these modifications within a period of ten calendar days from the communication of the same, it will be considered that they accept the new contracting conditions established after the modifications applied.


The affiliate will not make use of any material made available to them for purposes other than those subscribed here, unless they obtain explicit, prior and written authorization from the store. The affiliate agrees not to use the advertising badges in any way that discredits or negatively represents the store, its image or its brands.


Upon completion of this contract for any reason, the affiliate will be totally disengaged from the store, the use of logos and banners or any allusion to the brand, logos, anagrams, or any other element of industrial property or intellectual ownership of the store.


The store does not guarantee the continuity of the affiliate program, so it may terminate it at any time by settling pending payments. Each of the parties is responsible for the content and links that it includes on its website.


The data will be collected by the store or by the treatment managers designated by it, in order to manage their incorporation and permanence in the affiliate program of the store Likewise, the data may be processed to send information about our products and products even by electronic means.

The registration data must be truthful. In case they were false, the user may not be part of the affiliate program, reserving La store, or those in charge of data processing, where appropriate designated, the right to cancel anyone who fails to comply with this requirement. .

In all matters relating to the protection of personal data, the affiliate program will be governed by the provisions of the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy of the store.


In aspects not stipulated in this contract, as well as in the interpretation and resolution of conflicts that may exist between the parties as a result of them, Spanish law will be applicable. To resolve any type of controversy that may arise as a result of the interpretation and execution of this affiliation contract, both parties will submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Murcia.