Colvita: Capsulas Colágeno Liofilizado + Algas con Magnesio + Vitamina E
Colvita: Capsulas Colágeno Liofilizado + Algas con Magnesio + Vitamina E
Colvita: Capsulas Colágeno Liofilizado + Algas con Magnesio + Vitamina E
Colvita: Capsulas Colágeno Liofilizado + Algas con Magnesio + Vitamina E

Colvita: Freeze-Dried Collagen Capsules + Algae with Magnesium and Zinc + Vitamin E

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  • PROMOTES PROPER DIGESTION: Colvita is a supplement that contains algae with Magnesium and Calcium and vitamin E from soybeans, which makes it the ideal option to ensure proper digestion. With 60 capsules in each pack, enjoy a full month's supply.
  • REDUCES EXPRESSION LINES AND WRINKLES: Our Colvita formula softens expression lines and wrinkles, maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin. Feel younger by improving the overall health of your skin and enjoy more radiant and youthful looking skin.
  • HEALTHIER SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS: Collagen is the main protein that gives elasticity to our skin, hair and nails. Colvita contains an optimal dose of collagen, which helps improve hair strength, nail growth, and the healthy appearance of skin.
  • STRENGTHENS BONES AND JOINTS: Colvita is a supplement that helps give flexibility to bones and joints, reducing the risk of bone fractures and improving your mobility. With its enriched formula, enjoy stronger and healthier bones and joints.
  • IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL HEALTH: Colvita is a complete supplement that improves your overall health, from proper digestion to the appearance of skin, hair and nails, as well as bone and joint strength. Improve your quality of life and buy Colvita today!
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Size: 60 caps
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Format: Soft gel capsules
Content: 60 and 120 capsules
Net content: 460 mg per capsule

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Colvite Colway's is considered one of the best forms of freeze-dried collagen in the world. By including Magnesium it facilitates the Booster effect of Collagen.  Colvite  Helps control cholesterol levels.

In addition, its magnesium content helps maintain the normal functioning of muscles and nerves, and favors a immune system healthy.

There is a big difference between the types of collagen or natural collagen available on the market and the one used in Colvita by Colway. The main collagen sold is cheap hydrolyzed collagen, which is produced by extreme heat. And at the opposite end of the scale is the lyophilized collagen of Colvita that is lyophilized in a more delicate and expensive process. Colvita de Colway's collagen retains its triple helix and is an active collagen very similar to that of humans.

Colvita de Colway is a freeze-dried collagen of Marine origin.

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  • Freeze-dried collagen of Marine origin - 48 mg
  • Alga -Fucus vesiculosus - 300 mg, with high concentration of Magnesium and Calcium
  • Tocotrienol delta - 2.58 mg (*)
  • Gamma tocotrienol - 0.44 mg(*)

Colvita is produced with the technology and quality required for medicines and does not contain steroids.

* Tocotrienol is a member of the vitamin E family

  • UNIQUE AND EXCEPTIONALLY BIOAVAILABLE: Colvita is a one-of-a-kind supplement that contains native and highly absorbable collagen, obtained by lyophilization. This patented method, protected by patent no. 206813, isolates biologically active collagen, making it exceptionally bioavailable and effective in building our systemic collagen.
  • FORMULATED WITH BREEDING AND TRIBAL ATLANTIC ALGAE: Colvita's composition is further complemented by a unique micronizate of breeding and tribal Atlantic algae (Fucus vesiculosus) that provides additional nutritional benefits to your body. This rare and high-quality algae supplement is a key component of Colvita that sets it apart from other collagen supplements on the market.
  • RICH IN VITAMIN E AND TOCOTRIENOLS: Colvita is enriched with vitamins of the E group in the form of tocopherols obtained from organic seeds and tocotrienols – the form of vitamin E with the highest bioretention. This ensures that your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients and benefits from this supplement.
  • HIGH STANDARDS OF QUALITY: COLWAY takes pride in producing dietary supplements that are of the highest quality, and Colvita is no exception. We use only the best raw materials available and meet the most stringent standards for healthy food. As a result, Colvita capsules do not contain artificial colorings, and we use colloidal silica as an anti-caking agent.
  • BUILD STRONGER COLLAGEN WITH COLVITA: Colvita's amino acids, formed from the dissimilation of living type II helices of collagen, are characterized by nearly 100% anabolicity, meaning they are highly effective in building systemic collagen. With Colvita, you can support healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones, all while enjoying the benefits of a high-quality and unique supplement.
Size: 60 caps


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Customer Reviews

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Un acierto

Desde que empecé a tomar Colvita, que combina vitamina E y colágeno, he notado una gran diferencia. Mi piel está más radiante y joven. Además, mis uñas y cabello se sienten más fuertes. ¡Colvita es un acierto total!

He notado cambios positivos.

He notado cambios positivos. Mi energía ha aumentado, me siento menos cansado y más enfocado durante el día. Además, Colvita ha contribuido a mejorar mi sueño, resultando en noches más reparadoras. También he experimentado una disminución en los calambres musculares, algo que solía ser un problema frecuente para mí. En resumen, Colvita ha enriquecido notablemente mi bienestar general

Efectivo para dolor Rodillas

He estado tomando Colvita durante algunas semanas y estoy gratamente sorprendido con los resultados. Sufro de dolor crónico en las rodillas y desde que empecé con este suplemento de colágeno liofilizado, he experimentado una mejora notable. El dolor y la rigidez que solían acompañarme cada mañana han disminuido considerablemente. Me siento más ágil y capaz de realizar actividades que antes eran difíciles debido al dolor. Colvita ha sido un cambio significativo en mi rutina de cuidado de las articulaciones y definitivamente lo recomendaría a quienes buscan una solución efectiva para el dolor de rodillas.

Ha merecido la pena, me alivia el dolor de mis rodillas

Recientemente adquirí Colvita, mi primer suplemento de colágeno liofilizado, tras investigar sobre las ventajas que ofrece en comparación con las alternativas hidrolizadas más económicas. Lo compré específicamente para aliviar el dolor en las articulaciones de mis rodillas. Desde que comencé a tomarlo, he notado una diferencia significativa. Mis rodillas se sienten más cómodas y el dolor ha disminuido notablemente. Estoy impresionado con los resultados y contento con mi decisión de invertir un poco más en un producto de calidad como Colvita

Federico de la Vega Estevez

Es muy caro este producto

Colvita: Freeze-Dried Collagen Capsules + Algae with Magnesium and Zinc + Vitamin E


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