Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
Test ADN Advanced tellmeGen | (Salud + Rasgos + Wellness + Orígenes) | Lo que tu ADN dice sobre ti
TellmeGen Advanced DNA Test | (Health + Traits + Wellness + Origins) | What your DNA says about you

TellmeGen Advanced DNA Test | (Health + Traits + Wellness + Origins) | What your DNA says about you

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  • 7 DNA TESTS IN 1: tellmeGen is the DNA test that tells you about your genetic susceptibility to more than 400 reports related to your health predispositions, carrier status, pharmacogenetics, ancestry, wellness and traits. Your results will be ready in 4-6 weeks.
  • HEALTH, ANCESTRY AND TRAITS DNA TEST: You will be able to know your genetic predisposition to more than 200 conditions related to health and being a carrier, discover your ancestors and origins and find relatives and genetic relatives.
  • OVER 400 UPDATED LIFETIME REPORTS: tellmeGen DNA test analysis is regularly updated for free. In addition, you can consult our doctors and genetic experts with any questions you may have.
  • PERSONALIZED GENETIC REPORTS: Knowing your genetic information is very useful. With your DNA test kit you can adapt your lifestyle, diet or fitness habits and improve your well-being.
  • PRIVATE AND PROTECTED: TellmeGen's personal genetic test is endorsed by official bodies. Guaranteed reliability with encrypted data. Find out what your DNA could say about you with just a saliva sample and from home.
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Title: DNA Test
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Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 4 cm; 100 grams
Country of origin: Spain

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  • tellmeGen Advanced is the DNA test that tells you about the role of your genetics in more than 440 traits related to your health and well-being.
  • You will be able to find out your compatibility with more than 150 medications, your predisposition to more than 180 diseases, and also discover your ancestors and connect with genetic relatives.
  • The tellmeGen genetic test is regularly updated free of charge. In addition, you can ask our genetic experts any questions you may have.
  • Knowing your genetic information is very useful. With your DNA test you can modify your lifestyle to preserve your health.
  • tellmeGen is supported by official organizations. Find out what your DNA says about you with just a saliva sample and from home.
  1. Ask for your genetic test by clicking on 'buy now' Once you click on the 'BUY NOW' button you will access a simple form where we will ask you for the data we need to send the kit to your home, office or any other place you indicate, in the fastest and easiest way possible.
  2. When you receive the kit, register it online. Once you receive your kit, the first thing you should do (even before depositing the saliva sample) is to create an account by clicking on 'CREATE ACCOUNT' and complete the form to register your kit along with your personal data. To register* the kit you will need to enter the registration code that you will find on the tube. * Samples received without being registered will not be analyzed.
  3. Deposit your saliva sample With your registered kit, it's time to collect the saliva sample. It is very important to complete this step correctly. To do this, deposit your saliva in the tube until the saliva (not the bubbles) exceeds the filling mark (or number 2), and remember not to smoke, drink or chew gum during the 30 minutes prior to depositing the sample. As incredible as it may seem, such a small sample contains all your genetic information!
  4. Children's DNA kit from tellmeGen This special kit for babies from 0 to 3 years old comes with special mouth swabs to collect your baby's saliva easily. Once you have registered your kit and deposited your saliva, it's time to return the kit with the sample inside. Insert the tube with the saliva sample into the plastic blister, and place it in the box, and contact
  5. Receive the results and find out what your DNA says about you. From the moment you request your kit, the average delivery time of the results is 4 to 6 weeks (depending on factors such as the time it takes to send us the sample). Once we have your results, we will contact you so that you can access them with your user account in the customer area of the website. Your report is also available in '.pdf' format so you can download it, print it or take it with you on a USB stick. Remember that before opening it you will have the opportunity to decide if there is any information that you prefer not to see reflected in it.

Genetic predisposition to diseases

Your DNA test results describe susceptibility to a number of diseases compared to the average risk for people of the same age, race, and gender in a given geographic area. With tellmeGen you will have the opportunity to take the necessary measures to prevent or avoid the development of these diseases in the future. Once you have the results, we'll be here to guide you and help you interpret the data.

Pharmacological compatibility

Pharmacogenetics is the beginning of personalized medicine. Our DNA reveals that we are all different, so our bodies process everything differently. Understand why your body reacts in the same way to different drugs, turning your genetic report into an invaluable guide that will allow your doctor to prescribe the best drug treatment at the most appropriate dose for each disease. You will reduce recovery time and increase safety, minimizing the likelihood of adverse reactions or unwanted side effects.

Hereditary monogenic diseases

Monogenic diseases are a type of hereditary disease caused by a mutation or alteration in the DNA sequence of a single gene. Are you a carrier of a hereditary monogenic disease? Find out what implications it has on your health or that of your potential offspring. With tellmeGen you can find out if you are a carrier of a genetic variant associated with a monogenic disease, also knowing the possibility of transmitting it to your offspring.

Personal traits

If there is one thing that can be said for certain, it is that each person is unique. With the tellmeGen DNA test you will be able to discover many personal genetic traits that differentiate you from the rest. On top of that, you'll discover many traits you wouldn't have imagined genetics could be responsible for, such as nicotine dependency, logical ability, or sleep duration.


More and more information about health and well-being related to genetics is becoming known. Knowing your genetic baggage thanks to the tellmeGen DNA test, you will be able to adapt your lifestyle and diet based on your macronutrient metabolism, your body's ability to synthesize vitamins, your muscle regeneration capacity after exercise, etc.


In recent years, thanks to our ability to look inside our genetic material, we have been able to discover that the origin of the modern human being can be found on the African continent, 200,000 years ago, to unravel the traces of the fabulous journey that our species undertook. of Africa that led us to populate all the continents and, finally, to reconstruct more recent demographic facts, which extend to the present day.


tellmeGen is the most informative DNA test kit on the market. Offers genetic predisposition to more than 300 health conditions .

We analyze markers in your DNA that may influence your chances of developing some of them. For example:

BRCA1 breast and ovary & BRCA2


100 health conditions analyzed in our report.

Health Conditions Sample Report < /p>


With our DNA test you will have access to one of the most personal information that exists: the origin of your genes.

Where you come from?

Who were your ancestors?

Are you who you think you are?

Thanks to genetic engineering we include the ancestry service in our DNA test.

We will solve all your doubts about your ancestors by connecting your genetic information to different ethnic groups.

You will love our ancestry report!

Ancestry sample report p>


Find out if you are a carrier of certain hereditary conditions such as:

Cystic fibrosis




+75 hereditary disorders analyzed in our report.

Legacy sample report p>



Find out how your DNA influences your intelligence, sensitivity to pain and longevity, among others, in our characteristics report.


Find out how your DNA is related to your response to diet, muscular endurance or response to exercise, for example. Are you genetically predisposed to cravings for coffee?

Sample Report Features p>

Title: DNA Test
Tellmegen ADN Test
Tellmegen DNA Test


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rocio Gil-Alonso
Efficient in order delivery

Waiting for results. I trust they are just as effective.


It may seem difficult to do a genetic test from home but not at all. We made the purchase, soon we received the package at home with all the instructions. We had to get the sample and use the packaging itself again to send it back to the lab. All this at no cost, because you request the shipping labels to the email they provide you.
After a few weeks, you receive confirmation that in your online file, you have the results in which you can entertain yourself for hours and hours.


I have investigated the offer of genetic tests in Spain and abroad and the TellmeGen test convinced me by the amount and variety of information it provides and its price. In addition, they offer an important added value: they add results to your profile as they add them to their offer, so you don't have to buy a new kit every time new information comes out (if you don't want to see them you can block them), nor settle for results out of date


Totally recommended. It provides a large amount of information: the probability of suffering diseases and the comparison with the average of the population, personal traits, the presence or absence of monogenic diseases, the speed with which drugs of great importance are metabolized and the sensitivity that one has before they... They have even added ancestral data without increasing the price.
Although it is very easy to understand and interpret, I recommend that if you are planning to buy any genetic test (not just this one) inform yourself of the study procedure and be clear that this IS NOT A PREDICTION, it is a reading of your DNA translated into percentages (there we enter probability issues), and the environmental impact (which modifies gene expression) and epigenetic variables are not taken into account. By this I mean that a high percentage in a specific disease does not have to be indicative that you are going to suffer from it, but this test is useful at a preventive level.
The good thing about this test is that it allows you to block certain information if you are afraid to know it because you think it can affect you psychologically.
100% recommended


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