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Colway History and Product Line: A Legacy of Skincare Innovation

Historia y línea de productos de Colway: un legado de innovación en cuidado de la piel

Since 2004, Colway has been building its brand based on a revolutionary Polish invention: Natural Collagen. This innovation offered a cosmetic with the shortest INCI ingredient list in the world, which does not fight the signs of aging, but directly addresses the main cause of wrinkles: collagen deficiency. Millions of bottles of Kolagen Naturalny distributed in Poland alone have changed the way women view aging prevention. As patent protection ceased to be an impediment to the increasingly widespread imitation of Platinum, Silver and Graphite Natural Collagen products. Colway was ahead of the competition by at least a decade, creating a biotech masterpiece that combines never-before-blended active substances with living collagen proteins.

In 2017 and 2018, Colway continued to set trends in the field of anti-aging cosmetology by introducing COLWAY Atelocollagen. The most effective in stopping the processes that lead to wrinkle formation and providing optimal hydration, this product combines three types of biologically active collagen in its molecular state with gold, liquid silk and a host of anti-aging ingredients. He Atelocollagen COLWAY is an innovation that meets growing consumer expectations and demonstrates the expertise of the biotechnologists who co-created the brand. Also, the Atelocollagen COLWAY was recognized as the best packaged cosmetic of 2019 in Poland and is a strong candidate to represent the country in international competitions.

The Blue Diamond COLWAY series is another world innovation in the field of cosmetics, which represents the result of the efforts of its specialists to develop a quality product comparable to the perfection of a unique gem: the beautiful and crystalline blue diamond. The Blue Diamond Cream, Blue Diamond Peeling and Blue Diamond Spectrum Ampoules form a trio of complementary products that can slow down the aging process by influencing the epigenome, fibroblast proliferation and stimulating natural collagen renewal in the skin. Colway was the first company to introduce innovative ingredients in the composition of Blue Diamond cosmetics.

Collaboration with a host of star scientists and innovators has been critical to COLWAY's success. These visionaries have created or consulted extraordinary class products, consolidating the prestige of the brand in the world of cosmetics and skin care:

  • Professor Siergiej Batieczko: Surgeon, pragmatist and scientific consultant at Patrick Holford's Integrative Medicine Clinic in London. Member of the International Academy of Ecology, director of the Integrative East-West Medicine Clinic, excellent diagnostician and author of many popular books published in several languages.

  • Professor Andrzej Frydrychowski: Author of the patented method for obtaining biologically active collagen through so-called acid hydration. His invention ushered in a new era and is now replicated by all manufacturers of fish-based collagen gels.

  • Engineer Henryk Kujawa: Inventor of the Polish method for obtaining biologically active collagen directly from the skin of fish. A prominent scientist with numerous accomplishments.

  • Dr. Jan Czarnecki: Author of groundbreaking discoveries, including the first controlled collapse of the collagen triple helix in history and heat-denaturation resistant transdermal collagen gels.

  • Dr. Błażej Dolniak: Developed for Colway the first fibroblast growth factor in Europe and the formula for a safe and immediately effective firming of bags under the eyes.

  • Dr. Krzysztof Słoń: Inventor of the method for obtaining 6-nitrostilbene many years ago, which accelerated the conquest of space by humans. For Colway, he developed a method of obtaining diosmin, which stops hair loss, and a method of using the chemisorption reactions of oxygen and silver in an elixir with unique bactericidal properties.

  • Professor Krzysztof Warzocha: World renowned scientist, hematologist, luminary and one of the architects of today's face of Polish medicine at its best.

  • Dr. Filip Porzucek: Developed for Colway a proprietary method to obtain lunasin, a breakthrough peptide that not only inhibits tumor development, but also has the potential to change the world of biology, genetics, and medicine.

  • Dr. Marek Jędryczka: He collaborates with a team that investigates stem cells and has succeeded in isolating kinetin, a substance with properties that dramatically prolong the life of plant organisms.

These scientists and innovators have been instrumental in the success and continued development of the Colway brand, taking science and technology in the field of cosmetology to new levels.


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