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How to make a collagen clay face mask

Cómo hacer una mascarilla facial de colágeno con arcilla

It's easy to create a collagen clay face mask at home! Use our natural colway collagen and a natural clay like the kaolin clay that I used in this face mask recipe.

You will love the results! to treat acne, eczema and dermatitis.

What is kaolin clay?

Kaolin clay is a 100% natural product, it is actually a clay mineral and is one of the richest components in microelements used in the cosmetic industry. Kaolin has very strong aseptic qualities and works hard to fight bacteria. A small amount of kaolin added to the water will remove the chlorine taste and odor and prevent the growth of bacteria. It is also used to restore the correct pH level of the skin.

If you don't have kaolin clay, use your preferred clay.

Collagen Face Mask Ingredients:


  1. Combine ½ teaspoon of natural colway collagen, with 1 teaspoon of clay, ½ teaspoon of honey in a small bowl.
  2. Using a small spoon or face mask spatula, mix ingredients together until a creamy mask forms.

How to use a collagen face mask:

Get the best results from your collagen face mask by following these 5 steps:

  1. Start by cleaning your face and eyes with your favorite product
  2. Next, using clean hands or a beauty spatula, apply the homemade collagen face mask in a thin layer to skin, avoiding the eye area. You can also apply it to the upper part of the neck and décolletage.
  3. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. During that time, rehydrate the collagen mask by misting it with a homemade hydrosol or facial mist. Even better, steam your face mask with a facial steamer at home. The key is to keep it working longer without it drying out completely.
  4. Remove the face mask before it dries by spraying your face with warm water to soften the clay. Then gently rinse with a soft washcloth and pat dry. You always want to avoid rubbing the mask. For stubborn areas, use a gentle facial toner to remove.
  5. To finish, apply a moisturizing cream such as a brightening serum or face cream.

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