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The Star Ingredient in Cosmetics: Marine Collagen and its Surprising Benefits

El Ingrediente Estrella en la Cosmética: El Colágeno Marino y sus Sorprendentes Beneficios

Introduction to Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is the closest to human collagen. This is what detailed microscopic examinations have shown, and I know this because this discovery occurred in Poland. Since then, marine collagen has attracted the interest of cosmetic manufacturers. The use of collagen on the skin brings effects in the form of a significant improvement in its quality. Questions are often asked about which collagen to use for wrinkles and how to use fish collagen for the face. Will marine collagen help me?

Origin and obtaining of marine collagen

Marine collagen is obtained from fish, basically from fish skins. An analytical comparison of the structure of human skin and fish skin led to an extraordinary discovery: their amino acid chains are almost identical. Now all that remained was to develop a method to obtain natural collagen from fish skins. It is not an easy process. The trick is to keep the collagen alive and encapsulate it in a bottle, with all the qualities it has in a still-living fish and, above all, being biologically active. Only that collagen could be used to regenerate our skin. And this method was patented by the Poles. Since 2003, we have been producing in Poland, as the only one in the world so far, collagen gel that penetrates our skin and penetrates into the dermis when it comes into contact with our skin. This is how the Poles developed a method and answered the question: how to replenish collagen in the skin.

Importance of collagen in the human body

Natural collagen is a protein, a protein found throughout the human body. It's everywhere, it's our main building protein.

Marine collagen and its benefits for the skin

Marine collagen is known for its multiple benefits for the skin. Among the most prominent are:

  • deep hydration
  • Reduction of wrinkles and expression lines
  • Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Stimulates the natural production of collagen

Applications of marine collagen in the cosmetic industry

Marine collagen has become a star ingredient in the cosmetics industry. Some of the most popular products that include it are:

  • Anti-aging creams and lotions
  • Facial serums
  • Masks
  • Nutritional supplements for the skin


Marine collagen certainly deserves our attention. Thanks to its similarity to human collagen and its numerous benefits for the skin, it has positioned itself as a key ingredient in our skin care. Not only does it improve the appearance and health of our skin, but it also helps us keep it young and radiant.

Frequent questions

  1. What is the difference between marine collagen and other types of collagen? Marine collagen is more similar in structure to human collagen, which makes it easier to absorb and be effective in our skin. Also, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions compared to collagen from animal sources, such as bovine or porcine.

  2. How long does it take to see results when using products with marine collagen? Results may vary from person to person, but skin improvements can usually be noticed after a few weeks of consistent use.

  3. Are there side effects when using marine collagen? Marine collagen is safe for most people and generally has no side effects. However, in rare cases, some people may experience allergic reactions.

  4. Is marine collagen suitable for vegans or vegetarians? No, marine collagen is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as it is obtained from fish skins.

  5. What is the best way to include marine collagen in my skincare routine? You can incorporate products that contain marine collagen into your daily routine, such as creams, serums, or masks. You can also take nutritional supplements that include marine collagen to improve the health of your skin from within.


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