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It may be time to add a lip balm to your routine

Puede ser el momento para incorporar a tu rutina un bálsamo labial
Balsamo Labial con Colageno

Masks can trap heat, sweat, bacteria, and saliva. This, combined with continuous and repetitive friction and low airflow can contribute to dehydration, chafing and flaking of the lips.

To combat this and absorb moisture, apply a lip balm that includes moisturizers (like collagen), as well as occlusives (like Shea butter), which lock in moisture and help skin maintain its natural state.

Lip balms that list moisturizers and emollients as a base, as well as thicker, high-viscosity oils like argan, avocado, mango, or hemp seeds can also be effective in fighting flaking. Avoid products that are primarily water or alcohol based, as they tend to evaporate more quickly.

If you're looking for a new lip balm (and you can resist the urge to lick your lips), we recommend ourlip balm with collagenor for a fresh, moisturizing feel.

Applying collagen on the lips at night as a shock treatment, during the day .. The important thing is that you always have it at hand. In this way, you will see how neither the current safety requirements, nor the cold, wreak havoc on your face.

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