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Frequently Asked Questions: Genetic Risk Calculation in tellmeGen

07 Nov 2023
Preguntas Frecuentes: El Cálculo del Riesgo Genético en tellmeGen

Q:What is tellmeGen and what does its genetic test offer?

A: tellmeGen is a company that offers genetic tests to provide information on predisposition to diseases, drug compatibility, personal traits, well-being and ancestry. Its genetic test analyzes more than 750,000 mutations and provides regular updates on new scientific findings.

Q: How is genetic risk calculated in tellmeGen?

A: It is done by analyzing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and other genetic markers that have been associated with specific diseases in large-scale association studies (GWAS). A model that integrates genetic information with environmental and personal factors is used to estimate risk.

Q:What technology does tellmeGen use for its genetic analysis?

A: tellmeGen uses the Illumina Global Screening Array (GSA) chip for genetic analysis, which contains more than 750,000 genetic markers. Additionally, they customize the chip with more than 10,000 additional SNPs to obtain relevant clinical information.

Q: Is it possible to know the genetic predisposition to diseases with tellmeGen?

A: Yes, the tellmeGen genetic test can inform you about your genetic predisposition to various diseases. This is done by analyzing genetic variants that have been linked to a higher or lower risk of developing certain conditions.

Q:How do environment and lifestyle affect genetic risk?

A: The development of complex diseases depends on both genetic predisposition and interaction with the environment. tellmeGen provides information that can help adapt lifestyle habits to reduce the risk of diseases to which a person is predisposed.

Q: Is genetic testing suitable for children?

A: Yes, carrying out genetic testing on children can be beneficial to adapt their lifestyle habits from an early age, thus reducing the risk of developing certain diseases.

Q: How long does it take to receive genetic test results?

A: The average time to receive results is approximately 4 weeks after the sample arrives at the laboratory.

Q: How does tellmeGen ensure the privacy and security of genetic data?

A: tellmeGen uses advanced security protocols and encryption technology to protect data privacy and security. In addition, they follow the GDPR and have established physical and computer barriers to protect user information.


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