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Genealogy Showdown: TellmeGen vs. 23andMe Comparison

Enfrentamiento de genealogía: Comparativa entre tellmeGen y 23andMe

If you would like more information about your personal genetic information, the tellmeGen test kit is a viable option that you may want to consider. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of the tellmeGen test kit:


  • Well-organized, detailed DNA reports The tellmeGen test breaks down results into three main categories: Hereditary Conditions, Complex Diseases and Traits. The complex disease breakdown is particularly noteworthy, as it offers a comprehensive list of conditions, divided into high, low, and typical risk categories, along with your personal percentage compared to average risk. By clicking on each condition, you'll see the symptoms of the disease and a personal breakdown of the SNPs that revealed the information. Additionally, the test covers a wide range of personal traits, including your propensity for caffeine consumption, sensitivity to pain, and your ability to match musical key.

  • Updated test results The tellmeGen database is continually updated with new information on subpopulations and new populations. As new information about various haplogroups is discovered, your information will be updated to match advances in your knowledge.

  • Focus on customer service TellmeGen offers fantastic communication with its customers, with a number of consultation services to help you understand your test results in a practical way. They respond to any email inquiries regarding your trial within 24 hours and offer a variety of consultations, including a simple consultation, a nutrigen report, explaining the type of diet that is right for you with examples and meal plans, and the pharmagenic report, which explains how and why your body reacts to certain pharmaceuticals.


  • Little focus on ancestry If you want an in-depth ancestry report, tellmeGen may not be the test provider for you. While their list of personal information is extensive, your ancestry results are vague as they don't test your Y-DNA or mtDNA, so your ancestry report won't be very detailed beyond a general percentage breakdown of where your ancestry came from. DNA. It also lacks relative matching or family tree building that comes standard with competitors like AncestryDNA or MyHeritage.

  • Delayed Results Once the lab receives your results, it will take 30-45 days for them to appear in your tellmeGen account, which you will have set up when you first received your test.

  • Limited database size TellmeGen's database size is comparatively small compared to AncestryDNA. This means that while your information is accurate, any information about your inheritance will be basic.

Tellme Gen frente a 23andMe

When it comes to personal information, tellmeGen beats 23andMe in terms of detail and organization. With three separate categories for hereditary conditions, complex diseases, and traits, you'll get a complete breakdown of your genetic makeup.

In addition, tellmeGen continually updates its database, ensuring that your results remain accurate and up-to-date as new information becomes available.

However, 23andMe offers a more detailed ancestry report, including information on maternal and paternal haplogroups, which can provide insight into your ancient ancestry. They also have a larger database size for relative comparison and building family trees.

Ultimately, the decision between tellmeGen and 23andMe will depend on your priorities. If you are primarily interested in personal information, tellmeGen is the way to go. But if you want a more detailed ancestral report and a larger database size for relative comparison, 23andMe may be the better choice.


Overall, the tellmeGen DNA test kit provides a well-organized and detailed breakdown of your genetic makeup, with a particular focus on personal information and the potential health implications of your DNA.

While its ancestry reporting is less detailed than some competitors, like AncestryDNA, and doesn't offer relative matches or family tree building, tellmeGen's strengths lie in its extensive reporting of personal information and focus on customer service.

If you're primarily interested in learning more about your health and genetic predispositions, rather than tracing your ancestry, tellmeGen is a great option. Just be prepared to wait up to 45 days for your results after the lab receives your DNA sample.

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