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TellmeGen Review: Can You Provide Full Answers?

Revisión de TellmeGen: ¿Puede proporcionar respuestas completas?

TellmeGen is a genetic testing company based in Valencia, Spain that offers separate testing options for adults and children. The company provides genetic testing for more than 400 health conditions, hereditary conditions, wellness, personal traits, ancestry data, and drug compatibility. The reports are delivered via the tellmeGen platform and users can download their raw DNA data in CSV format. The company offers genetic counseling, medical consultation, and nutritional counseling at additional cost. Testing allows clients to discover and understand disease risks and predispositions to disease. The company offers two main products: the Starter Kit and the Advanced Kit.

Although tellmeGen's microarray technology studies more than 750,000 SNPs located in the exome component of the genome, it does not evaluate a client's complete DNA. However, the company examines the part currently known to be linked to health and ancestry data to identify genetic variants.

The report is comprehensive and easy to follow, and the company provides excellent customer service. Please expect emailed inquiries to be responded to within 24 hours. tellmeGen also offers virtual or face-to-face medical consultations, nutrigenomic consultations and access to genetic specialists at an additional cost. The DNA matching part is a work in progress, and consultation and access to specialists are at an additional cost, which is not specified.

The report is divided into six sections, identifiable with tabs. It starts with information about an individual's genetic predisposition to more than 125 common illnesses/diseases. The report is further broken down by symptoms and genetic risk factors for the predispositions. These complex diseases are grouped into categories such as metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurological disorders.

The report also includes information on inherited diseases, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and Tay-Sachs disease. Users can also access information about their genetic predisposition to drug reactions and adverse drug interactions. This information can be valuable in helping patients and healthcare providers make informed decisions about which medications to use or avoid.

The report also provides information on wellness and lifestyle, including metabolism, vitamin deficiencies, food intolerances, and athletic ability. This information can help users make informed decisions about their diet and exercise routines. In addition, the report provides a comprehensive ancestry analysis that includes estimates of ethnicity, ancestral migration patterns, and percentages of Neanderthal DNA.

A unique feature of the tellmeGen report is the inclusion of personal characteristics such as eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, and earwax type. While these traits are not essential for health and well-being, they can be interesting and fun to explore.

The tellmeGen platform also gives users access to their genetic data, allowing them to further explore their genome. Users can explore their genetic makeup by examining specific genes, genetic variants, and traits. This feature may be useful for people interested in learning more about their genetics and the science behind genetic testing.

In terms of privacy, tellmeGen offers a high level of confidentiality. DNA kits are recorded as encrypted alphanumeric codes, and connections to and from the tellmeGen web platform use SSL encryption protocols.

A potential disadvantage of tellmeGen is that the consultation and access to the specialist have an additional cost, which is not specified. This may deter some customers looking for a more comprehensive testing package. Also, the DNA matching part is still a work in progress, which may be a concern for customers who are interested in connecting with genetic relatives.

Overall, tellmeGen provides clients with comprehensive genetic testing services and a well-organized report that is easy to follow. The company also offers excellent customer service and access to genetic specialists, medical consultations and nutritional advice at an additional cost. The inclusion of personal traits and ancestry data in the report is also an interesting and unique feature.

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