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Biologically active

Biológicamente activo

COLWAY has developed a technologically advanced extraction process that involves an extraordinary and delicate marine collagen hydrolyzation mechanism process to break the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands through the use of a finely tuned chemical reaction and multi-phase filtration. The key to this process is maintaining stable temperatures -95°F / -32C to ensure a small molecular structure of the extracted collagen, allowing it to be absorbed by the skin and flow deep into the skin layers.

COLWAY Marine Collagen has characteristics that are essential to naturally complement and stimulate the synthesis of human collagen, supplementing deficiencies and initiating the skin regeneration process.

  • High quality : native soluble collagen type I biologically active II
  • intact molecular structure : during the extraction process, its triple helix structure does not undergo degradation of the cellular structure until it is absorbed into the skin
  • low molecular weight : its molecular structure is small enough to effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and be implemented in the ECM
  • high solubility : Soluble collagen has a high water-binding capacity, dissolves in water, and is more efficient and more easily absorbed into the skin.

COLWAY Marine Collagen is a biologically active 'living' protein capable of (1) effectively retaining a triple helix structure outside of its natural environment, (2) achieving a metabolic process, (3) penetrating deep into the skin, (4) ) deposit soluble native collagen and (5) reinforce the ECM by boosting collagen synthesis and nourishing the underlying structures of the skin.

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