Babycol: Xyilitol + Vit C, D, K + Collagen | 60 Caps | Suitable for children

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  • ROSE HIP: is a source of vitamin C, which helps the proper functioning of the immune, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. As one of the strongest antioxidants, it protects DNA, proteins, and lipids from oxidative damage.
  • BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN: accelerates the regeneration of the body and has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.
  • VITAMIN D: contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, helps the proper functioning of muscles, maintains healthy bones and teeth and maintains the proper level of calcium in the blood , and also participates in the process of cell division.
  • VITAMIN K: contributes to normal blood coagulation and helps maintain healthy bones.
  • XYLITOL: reduces tooth demineralization and regulates blood glucose after a meal.
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Format: Soft gel capsules
Content: 60 capsules
Net content: 433 mg per capsule

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BabyCol are supplements  for children that contain collagen, xylitol, vitamins D, K and C. This composition will effectively protect the immunity of children, Beginning at 6 years.

  • Fish collagen - 12mg
  • Vitamin K (MK7) - 25 µg (125%*)
  • Vitamin D - 10 µg (200%*)
  • Rosehip extract - 143 mg,(including Vitamin C 100mg (200%*)

*RDI – Recommended Daily Intake


Babycol: Xyilitol + Vit C, D, K + Collagen | 60 Caps | Suitable for children

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Babycol: Xilitol + Vit C, D, K + Colágeno | 60 Caps | Apto Niños + 6
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Customer Reviews

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It has a sweet taste that my son likes. With other collagen pills, this did not happen to me, so I had to crush it, and put it in a drink. This is much more comfortable.


Babycol was recommended by the nutritionist for my son, to increase immunity.

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