Spray con Nano Plata -  efecto antiséptico y antibacteriano - 75 ml
Spray con Nano Plata -  efecto antiséptico y antibacteriano - 75 ml

Spray with Nano Silver - Antiseptic and antibacterial effect

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  • ANTISEPTIC EFFECT: Eliminate skin inflammations and infections with our elixir. By inhibiting its development in the embryonic phase, our elixir fights bacteria, fungi and viruses, and to a lesser extent molds and protozoa, accelerating the healing of the skin.
  • COLLOIDAL NANO SILVER: Known since the Middle Ages for its strong bactericidal properties, the colloidal nano silver present in our elixir kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventing the development of skin infections and keeping it healthy and protected.
  • SKIN REPAIR: Our elixir not only prevents skin infection, but also promotes its natural regeneration, thanks to the carefully selected components to nourish and moisturize it in depth, restoring its appearance and vitality.
  • EASY TO USE: With our elixir, taking care of your skin has never been easier. You just have to apply it to the affected area, letting its active ingredients do their job to heal and protect your skin naturally and effectively. MULTIPURPOSE: Our elixir is perfect for all skin types and can be used in different areas of the body, including the face, hands, legs, feet and any other area that needs care and protection against infections and external agents. A single product for multiple benefits!
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Dr. Słoń Elixir is a sensational and unique preparation worldwide for the care of irritated or pathologically changed skin. The formula was developed by Polish scientist Dr. Krzysztof Słoń.

This Elixir is much more than a simple cosmetic: it effectively inhibits skin infections and alleviates changes caused by microorganisms. The key ingredient in this specialized preparation is nanosilver, famous for its antiseptic properties.

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Nano Colloidal Silver: Known since the Middle Ages for its strong bactericidal properties. Nano silver compounds kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, so they are used to prevent the development of skin infections. The invaluable advantage of the product is that its composition is very simple, which makes it safe to use. The aXonnite silver, a carrier of silver nanoparticles, contained in the product is manufactured in accordance with the strict ISO 13485 standard, intended for medical devices.

Spray the Elixir on irritated skin and let it dry. If necessary, repeat several times a day. It can be used directly on inflammatory foci and even on mucous membranes. The application is very precise thanks to the use of a convenient atomizer.

Aqua, Oxygen, Silver (nano)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
essential and necessary

I have used it for a wound that I had inside my mouth and that bothered me a lot, and it has relieved the pain almost immediately and later it has healed.

Also after researching well, because I was a little afraid to apply it to the eye, I dared to try it because I am allergic and they usually bother me a lot this season.
And well, here's a kick, I don't have an itchy eye or anything, that's the best thing that has solved me so far.

Immediate effectiveness

My case is very particular because I have applied silver to my pet, a 13-year-old cat with Feline Immunodeficiency. You have bacteria lodged in your nose (between nose and eyes) with horrible congestion and mucus production.
After almost 20 months of applying antibiotics and antifungals without stopping (with the damage to the stomach and intestinal flora that this entails) and desperate due to the lack of results, I asked an herbalist and they told me about silver. I applied directly to the nose with a spray and in just 2 hours I can attest that the constant dripping of mucus stopped.

Solutions of yesteryear for today's problems.

I had never heard of colloidal silver before.
Last summer I had a skin problem, impetigo, it is an infection caused by a bacterium, specifically staphylococcus, the doctor treated me with 2 rounds of antibiotics and although these helped me a lot, I kept getting small wounds caused by this infection.
Because the doctor did not want to abuse me by giving me more antibiotics (he told me to be patient), I was looking for a healthy and alternative solution and decided to take this colloidal silver. I don't know if it was thanks to her or not, but after a couple of months my problem was solved.

It's very good

I wanted to try the product before commenting. I had eczema on my forehead and eyebrows for more than 10 years, I have tried countless creams prescribed by the dermatologist who never took them off. It's incredible how it has cured my eczema, on the second day it began to dry up and it didn't itch, in a week it disappeared. I use it to clean my face and it is better than any facial cleanser. Good product


The truth is that I had my doubts regarding the effectiveness and "good work" of the manufacturers of colloidal silver products, I had tried some other product of lesser quality and I already had doubts, but I have convinced myself in this case.

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Spray with Nano Silver - Antiseptic and antibacterial effect


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Spray con Nano Plata -  efecto antiséptico y antibacteriano - 75 ml
Spray con Nano Plata -  efecto antiséptico y antibacteriano - 75 ml
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