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Children and Covid: How to explain it to them?

Los Ni√Īos y el Covid: Como Explic√°rselo?
The Children | Deanshield Masks

Do you have doubts about how to protect your children against Covid-19?

Here are some ideas to make it easier for the kids.ūüĎáūüŹĽ

  • ūüí° Wash your hands with soap ‚Äúwhile we invent a song about the virus, say a multiplication table or count from 20 to 0 backwards, rubbing hard, on the surface and sides.
  • ūüí° Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth "like a game in which whoever does it loses a point"
  • ūüí° When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed or with a disposable tissue that we throw in the trash "as if it were a magic karate key to protect us against bad viruses".
  • ūüí° Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth "like a game in which whoever does it loses a point".
  • ūüí° Avoid physical contact with other children or other people, even if I really want to play or touch the other person. This will only be for a short time, we will be able to hug or touch my friends again very soon.
  • ūüí° Know that you can count on an adult if you are physically unwell or there is something that worries you.
  • ūüí° Show care in how we relate to other people, avoiding rejection or discrimination behaviors. Our fear can cause us to behave inappropriately, rejecting or discriminating against certain people.
  • ūüí° Even if we don't realize it, they are watching us and learning, let's set an example of preventive hygiene and health measures and calm.
  • ūüí° Explain the importance of wearing the mask and the reasons not to lend or exchange your mask with anyone under any circumstances.
  • ūüí° Show the correct use of the mask.

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