Mascara de Sérum Seco Respibeauty - Resultados en 7 dias
Mascara de Sérum Seco Respibeauty - Resultados en 7 dias
Mascara de Sérum Seco Respibeauty - Resultados en 7 dias
Respibeauty Dry Serum Mask - Results in 7 days

Respibeauty Dry Serum Mask - Results in 7 days

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  • UNIQUE ENCAPSULATION TECHNOLOGY: RespiBeauty uses a patented encapsulation technology that allows the on-demand release of a wide range of active ingredients, ensuring an unprecedented user experience and a revolutionary cosmetic routine.
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE DELIVERY ON THE SKIN: Thanks to its rapid dissolution system, RespiBeauty guarantees efficient delivery of active molecules to the skin, with a dissolution in just 0.2 seconds, providing immediate hydration and anti-wrinkle effects.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY AND ANTI-AGING BENEFITS: Each RespiBeauty mask offers multiple benefits, including hydration, anti-pollution protection and wrinkle reduction. It is enriched with ingredients such as collagen, plant extracts and essential oils, working together to rejuvenate and protect the skin.
  • EASY TO USE AND EFFECTIVE: RespiBeauty stands out for its ease of use, requiring less than 2 minutes to apply. It is ideal for busy modern lives, offering a quick and hassle-free skincare solution.
  • PROTECTION AGAINST POLLUTION AND ANTIOXIDANTS: The mask provides an effective anti-pollution shield, protecting the skin from environmental damage. It contains powerful antioxidants such as pomegranate extract and moringa oil, which help fight free radicals and keep skin young and healthy.
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Get ready to rejuvenate, hydrate and protect your skin with the Respibeauty REJUVENATOR Dry Serum Nanofiber Mask! This unique 100% natural composition contains only active ingredients and no chemical preservatives, making it a perfect solution for those looking for quick and visible results without harming the environment.

Unlike ordinary cosmetics, which consist primarily of water that can dry out the skin and require additional preservatives to prevent spoilage, Respibeauty's NUENEX® technology offers a revolutionary solution that reduces wrinkles by up to 20% in just seven days.

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Common cosmetics are mainly made up of water. Water not only dries the skin, but its content also requires preservatives and additives to prevent the product from spoiling.

Thanks to NUENEX technology, which is the basis of the DrySerum material, Respibeauty does not contain chemical preservatives, but only 100% natural active substances.

That's why it provides maximum results and its production is environmentally friendly. In addition, the masks can be stored and are excellent for traveling.

  1. Use it in a dry environment: The dry whey mask should only be applied in a dry place. This is because Respibeauty is highly reactive to water and moisture. The ideal temperature to use the dry serum is 19-25°C (66-78°F). Therefore, avoid using it in the bathroom after a hot shower, when there is steam left. Once you have found a suitable place and are ready to apply the dry serum, clean your face thoroughly. Use ordinary micellar water to clean.
  2. Open the Respibeauty package: Once you have opened the Respibeauty package and taken out the dry serum package, it is necessary to shake it so that the patches inside are at the bottom and do not tear when you open it.
  3. Do not use scissors to open: Open the package by tearing with your hands. We do not recommend the use of scissors, as they can damage the contents.
  4. Dry your hands: Your hands must be dry when you remove Respibeauty from the package to prevent any moisture from contacting and damaging it. Inside, there are three patches of dry serum in the form of a mask. The largest patch is applied to the forehead and the other two to the cheeks, so that they spread around the eyes and nose.
  5. Avoid moisture: Be careful to prevent patches from come into contact with moisture before applying them to your face. Make sure you have all the patches before applying them.
  6. Moisten your face: We recommend using a spray, spray or cotton patches. Although it is important that the dry serum does not come into contact with moisture before application, it is necessary to do so during application.
  7. Prepare the first small patch for application: Hold one of the smallest patches with dry fingers and prepare it for application. Always manipulate the patches with the white cape towards you.
  8. Remove the white layer from the dry serum: Fold the green layer over the white paper layer and straighten again.
  9. Separate the white layer from the green one: Carefully remove the white paper layer from the green layer so that the active dry serum remains intact on the green base.
  10. The dry serum is ready to be applied: After performing the above steps, the dry serum mask is ready to be applied.
  11. Check the correct application: The smallest patches of dry serum should go under the eyes and along the nose.
  12. Apply the dry serum to the skin: Apply the dry serum to your moistened skin. Be careful not to touch it with your fingers before applying it to your face.
  13. Apply the remaining two patches of Respibeauty: Now it's time to apply the other two patches

    How often do you apply to achieve the final effect?

    In the first four days, apply the mask at any time, in the next three days both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Collagen peptides: Marine collagen peptides moisturize the skin and help reduce wrinkles.
  • Pululane: The mushroom polysaccharide creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin and provides an immediate lifting effect.
  • Extract of spring sedum and flathead cabbage: Effectively reduces wrinkles thanks to the relaxing effect of the smooth muscles of the skin.
  • Orange and pomegranate flower extract: Activates the production of your own collagen, improves the skin's protective barrier and helps immediate lifting
  • Tri-color violet extract: Rejuvenates the skin thanks to a better binding of hyaluronic acid and helps long-term hydration thanks to the synthesis of aquaporins.
  • Red maple bark extract: It slows the aging of the skin thanks to its strong antioxidant function and the support of the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Resurrection plant extract: Helps moisturize the skin and regenerate skin cells. It leads to the immediate uprising.
  • Turmeric stem cell extract: Helps reduce skin aging, actively moisturizes, soothes the skin and helps reduce stress
  • Rosemary and geranium extract: natural essential oils with aromatherapeutic and antioxidant functions for skin protection and stress reduction.


Hydrainated collagen, pululan, hydrolyzed extract of viola tricolor, extract of selaginella lepidophylla, water, glycerin, fruit extract of Citrus aurantium dulcis, punica granatum extract, denatured alcohol, turmeric callus lys longa, pelargonium graveolens oil, moringa

Respibeauty Dry Serum Mask - Results in 7 days


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Mascara de Sérum Seco Respibeauty - Resultados en 7 dias
Crema Facial con Colágeno y Liposomas.
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Customer Reviews

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I did not know him, I read several opinions and immediately it was clear to me. Very very good, it does what it says, it shows the moment you apply it, even with old skin like mine(50). The oval defines something that worries us at this age. If you then apply makeup, it blends perfectly, leaving a perfect face. Ideal!!!! I couldn't be without him.

A marvel

They are phenomenal, for a special day, I have loved them, they leave the skin soft and smooth, delighted with them

Conceals or eliminates wrinkles

With a very small amount that is easily absorbed, you have to brighten a tired and wrinkled face. Eliminates or conceals small wrinkles very well and brightens a tired face, eliminates dark circles and the eyes acquire life.

very satisfied

I am very satisfied with this product, it is the first time I have used it and honestly the results are surprising.

I'm lovin 'it

I had already bought it and I really liked it. My skin has improved a lot and I even have an acne tendency and it's as if this clash of vitamins balanced my skin. And the price is much better than in the store where I bought the first pack

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