Pasta de dientes con colágeno y Nano Plata
Pasta de dientes con colágeno y Nano Plata
Pasta de dientes con colágeno y Nano Plata
Pasta de dientes con colágeno y Nano Plata

Toothpaste with collagen and Nano Silver

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  • REGENERATING MARINE COLLAGEN: Enriched with marine collagen, this product helps regenerate the gums, providing optimal oral health and a radiant smile.
  • ANTICARIES WITH SILVER NANOPARTICLES: Thanks to their antibacterial properties, silver nanoparticles reduce the metabolic activity of bacteria, preventing the formation of cavities and periodontal diseases.
  • EFFECTIVE ORAL HYGIENE: This product effectively cleanses and provides a beautiful shine to the teeth. In addition, it helps maintain a good pH level in the mouth for lasting oral health.
  • NATURAL AND TOXIC-FREE INGREDIENTS: With 99% natural ingredients, this product does not contain fluorine, parabens, SLS, triclosan or microplastics, so it is safe and gentle for the whole family.
  • EASY TO USE: This product is easy and convenient to use. Simply apply a small amount to the toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day for optimal results.
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Net content: 100 ml

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Collagen toothpaste is made with natural ingredients, without fluoride or SLS, perfect for daily oral care . It is a complex of active substances enriched with marine collagen with a strong regenerating effect on the gums, helping to rebuild them. Designed to guarantee a beautiful and healthy smile.

Customer Survey

Product performance % Positive responses
Cleans teeth gently and effectively 100 %
Visibly brightens tooth enamel 60 %
Gives teeth a beautiful shine 90 %
Soothes and reduces gum irritation 90 %
Take care of the teeth 100 %
Soothing effect on gums 100 %
Regenerative effect on the gums 90%
Effectively removes plaque 90%

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  • Collagen: strongly regenerates the gums and helps rebuild them
  • Red algae extract (Corrallina Officinalis): they contain extremely high amounts of natural calcium, strengthen the walls of the blood vessels of the gums and increase their resistance to external factors. They contain proteins, minerals and amino acids such as alanine, asparagine, glycine and lysine.
  • Matricaria extract: it contains an essential oil with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, and flavonoids, coumarins, mucous membranes and polysaccharides with antiseptic and soothing properties.
  • Green tea extract: helps maintain a good pH level in the mouth, thus slowing down the development of cavities and its harmful effect on the teeth. It relieves the symptoms of paradeontosis thanks to antioxidants, which eliminate the bacteria that cause inflammation in the mouth.
  • Nano Silver Axonite: has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. The antibacterial properties of nano silver cause a significant reduction in metabolic activity and the number of colonizing bacteria and the production of lactic acid in the bacterial biofilm responsible for the formation of cavities and periodontal diseases. It is a natural preservative.
  • Aloe extract: moisturizes, soothes, reduces dental plaque. It is recommended in the prevention of gingivitis. Aloe has an antifungal, regenerating, antibacterial and softening effect. It helps to heal wounds and treat inflammation.
  • Silicon: hydrated silicon, silicon dioxide, cleans and polishes the teeth, helps remove plaque; improves the consistency of the paste, facilitates its distribution.

Here are the instructions for cleaning your teeth with our collagen toothpaste:

  • Dampen your toothbrush with water.
  • Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the toothpaste onto the bristles of your toothbrush.
  • Hold the toothbrush against your teeth at a 45-degree angle toward the gum line.
  • Brush your teeth gently in circular motions, making sure to reach all surfaces of your teeth and gums.
  • Brush for at least two minutes, or as recommended by your dentist.
  • Spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth and toothbrush with water.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably after meals.

Ingredients: Aqua, hydrated silica, sorbitol, glycerin, collagen, elastin, collagen amino acids, elastin amino acids, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, camellia sinensis leaf extract, chamomile recutite flower extract, officinalis coral extract, silver (nan), ammonium lauryl sulfate, xanthan gum, sodium cyclamate, citric


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Effective although the price is a little high.

Perfectly fulfills its purpose

Effective for the gums and cheaper than in pharmacies, it lasts much longer and leaves you with a feeling of clean and strong teeth

It fulfills its function

It does what it says. My gums have stopped bleeding, which is why I bought it.
It is still too early to comment on the results.

I love

They gave me a sample at the pharmacy to try it and I loved how it refreshed my mouth. My gums also bled and from the second day of using this paste they stopped doing it, which is amazing!!!

Specific toothpaste

Specific toothpaste special pyorrhea. I use it by prescription, since according to the dentist it is better formulated than similar products from the competition.

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Toothpaste with collagen and Nano Silver


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