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Possible Umbilical Cord Problems

Posibles Problemas De Cordón Umbilical

Umbilical cord is a vital structure that connects the baby to the mother during pregnancy. However, once the baby is born, the umbilical cord is no longer needed and is cut, leaving a small area that will eventually become the baby's belly button. During this process, several problems may arise that require medical attention. Below are some of the most common problems associated with the umbilical cord and how they can be addressed.

Cord Bleeding

It is normal for a slight umbilical cord bleeding of the newborn during the first few days and then when it falls. However, it is crucial to monitor bleeding, as certain signs may indicate that something is wrong. A little bleeding may be due to diaper rubbing, but active bleeding that soaks through the gauze is not normal. The presence of bleeding, pus and swelling in the navel area are reasons for consultation with the pediatrician due to the serious risk of infection.

Yellow Smelly Discharge

If the cord is wet and has a yellowish discharge (pus) and smelly, may be signs of omphalitis or umbilical infection. This condition requires immediate medical attention to avoid further complications.

Granuloma Umbilical

Sometimes, after the cord falls off, especially if it falls off very soon or was very thick, a small lump with well-defined pink or red edges may be noticed. This is known as granuloma umbilical. Although it can also be whitish, yellowish or even grayish in color, it is not an infection, but it is usually quite worrying since it sometimes oozes a yellowish secretion.

Redness or Swelling of the Navel Area

If you notice that the area around the belly button is irritated (umbilical erythema) or swollen, it could be a sign of possible infection. It's crucial consult with a doctor to evaluate it and provide appropriate treatment.

Delay in Cord Fall

The umbilical cord It dries out and usually falls off between the fifth and fifteenth day after birth. If after 15 days of life it has still not come off, it is a reason to consult with the pediatrician.

Hernia Umbilical

If the scar after cutting the cord does not close well, a small section of the intestine may come out through the umbilical ring, producing a hernia umbilical. This condition manifests itself as a soft lump that can be seen around the baby's navel. It is caused by a failure or defect in the wall of the belly that allows that portion of the intestine to exit. It can be minimal or giant, and in severe cases, it is called "omphalocele" if the hernia is large and is not covered with skin but with a thin transparent layer.

Fever and Malaise

If the baby also presents symptoms such as fever, discomfort or weakness, it is crucial to go to the pediatrician, since it could be a sign that the navel has become infected and the infection can spread to other parts of the body, which in a small child can be very serious.

The health of the umbilical cord is a crucial aspect of the initial health of a newborn. Therefore, it is vital to watch for any signs of problems and seek appropriate medical attention to ensure the baby's well-being.


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