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What is Cheilitis? A Complete Guide to Chapped Lip Care

¿Qué es la Queilitis? Una guía completa para el cuidado de los labios agrietados

Cheilitis, commonly known as chapped lips, is a condition that affects many people around the world. This condition can be caused by various factors, and in this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Causes of Cheilitis

Cheilitis is the result of chapped lips, and can be caused by various external factors:

  • Cold weather: Low temperatures can dry out the skin, including the lips.
  • Sun exposure: Ultraviolet radiation can damage the delicate skin of the lips.
  • Allergens: Some products, such as lipsticks, may contain substances that irritate the lips.

Types of Cheilitis

  1. Queilitis Angular: This is a specific condition where a sore develops at the corner of the mouth. It is often caused by a fungus and can be treated with an antifungal cream.
  2. Exfoliative Cheilitis: It is characterized by the appearance of thick brown scales on the lips. Although its exact cause is not clear, it is associated with factors such as constant wetting of the lips with the tongue and nutritional deficiencies.

Treatment and Prevention

To prevent cheilitis, it is essential to use protective products for the lips. These products must be nutritious and calming. An example is the Collagen Lip Balm , which provides a protective barrier against external factors.

It is crucial to avoid moistening the lips with the tongue or biting them, as this can worsen the condition. If you suspect that a product is causing irritation, it is advisable to stop using it and consult a dermatologist.


Cheilitis is a common condition that can cause discomfort and pain. However, with proper care and prevention, it is possible to keep lips healthy and free of cracks. It is essential to be informed and take proactive measures to protect the delicate skin of the lips.


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