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How to save the Masks inactivating the Virus

Como guardar las Mascarillas inactivando el Virus

Deanshield Mask Bag

Hygienic masks have become an everyday accessory since the entry into force of phase 1 of the de-escalation. But there are certain times when we take them off, like when we sit down for a drink in a bar or when we get home. And here the doubt of many arises: how and where can we store them?

According to the Spanish Society of Microbiology (SEM) , we should not leave the mask on the table, nor hang it on our neck or arm (something that is being seen a lot in the streets), nor put it in our bag or in a pocket to avoid spreading pathogens. And neither leave it on or raise it and lower it to eat and drink. When you get home, hanging it on the coat rack is not well done either. But then where do we put it?

Until now, the best recommendation was to put it in a paper envelope where to deposit it without folding it, a cloth or even a glasses case (in this case, said case must be disinfected when you get home). It is preferable to use paper bags or envelopes before plastic, because moisture can concentrate in the plastic and some bacteria can proliferate". In other words, the widespread use of plastic bags with zip closure would be incorrect.

A new generation of mask bags include disinfectants such as benzalkonium chloride, which are capable of inactivating the virus after five minutes of contact.

Deanshield Mask bags, made with recycled neoprene, are the first available on the market that include benzalkonium chloride in their manufacture. Tests carried out in the laboratory certify its effectiveness in inactivating the virus in the masks.

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