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Deanshield masks and your glasses

Mascarillas Deanshield y tus gafas

One of the inconveniences that we find is combining the glasses with any Mask and also with the Deanshield Mask, is that the lenses normally fog up and vision is difficult. Here are some solutions to be able to carry both accessories without problem.

1. Cleaning with a bar of soap. It is the famous trick to prevent glasses from fogging up. With a conventional neutral soap bar, carefully paint the inside of the lens. Next, with a chamois, the soap is spread over the entire surface.

For divers, they can also use toothpaste on their goggles and treat them the same way as soap. However, for everyday glasses it is not recommended as they are more delicate and toothpaste is more abrasive and can damage the surface of the lens.

2. Adapt the mask to each face . Although all masks can cause air vapor to escape towards the glasses, the way they are placed can influence them to fog up more or less. Try to adjust the mask as much as possible to the face and once achieved, place the glasses on it so that it also exerts pressure. This way we will let out as little air as possible.

3. Heating the lenses with steam from the mouth can be effective at first, but after a while they will return to their usual temperature and will fog up, so it is not totally effective. It is recommended to experiment as little as possible as it is a sensitive product that can break.

4. Paste a piece of adhesive tape to prevent air from escaping from the mask upwards if it is effective. However, you must be careful and use a valid plaster as it can cause an injury when removed if not done carefully.

5. Anti-fog treatments. This is the most effective treatment and is common in swimming professionals to prevent goggles from fogging up during competition. It consists of converting the mist into small droplets of water, thus avoiding the whitish layer that appears on the glasses when they fog up. This is the method we recommend to use your Deanshield Mask and your glasses without fogging up.

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