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01 May 2023
Reseñas sobre Tellmegen en Un vistazo detallado al kit de pruebas de ADN


Tellmegen is a biotechnology company that offers a DNA test kit to help people better understand their genetic profile. This kit is mainly used for the analysis of genetic data related to health, nutrition, sports and genealogy. We've analyzed the customer reviews on to get a clearer picture of how this product has been received by those who have used it. Below is a summary of user feedback and how this DNA test kit has been perceived in the market.

Positive feedback:

  1. Easy to use: Many users highlight the ease of use of the Tellmegen test kit. The process of taking saliva samples is simple and the steps to follow are explained clearly and concisely in the instruction manual.

  2. Customer service: Several reviews mention the excellent customer service provided by Tellmegen. Users report that the support team is friendly, approachable, and quick to respond to questions and concerns.

  3. Detailed and useful information: Users appreciate the amount of information provided by the genetic report. In addition to data on health, nutrition and sports, genealogical data is also included that allows knowing the origin and ancestry of the users.

  4. Quick delivery of results: Several clients have highlighted the speed in the delivery of results, which has allowed them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being in a timely manner.

Negative feedback:

  1. Lack of information in some cases: Some users have expressed disappointment with the amount of information received in their reports, stating that the information is limited or insufficient in certain cases.

  2. Price: Although many users find the Tellmegen DNA test kit to be a worthwhile investment, others find the price to be a bit high, even though it is the cheapest in its category at the moment.

  3. Online platform interface: Some users have noted that Tellmegen's online platform can be difficult to navigate and understand. However, these cases appear to be in the minority.


Tellmegen reviews on show a generally positive opinion of the DNA test kit. Most users find the process easy to use and appreciate the detailed information provided in their reports. Although some customers have expressed concerns about price and the lack of information in certain cases, the Tellmegen DNA Test Kit appears to be a useful tool for those interested in learning more about their genetic profile and improving their health and well-being.


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